<h2>Savvas Tsaloukidis</h2><p>Graduate Engineer of Infrastructure Projects</p> <h2>Excavations, Demolition</h2><p>Consistency, professionalism, accountability</p> <h2>We serve all of Kavala and the surrounding prefectures</h2>
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About Us

We undertake general excavations of small and large projects. We have modern proprietary machines that can be used in earthworks.


Our Services

Excavation of foundations, ditches, sifters, wells, etc. Demolition of old buildings Road works (road openings in inaccessible areas and territories) Drilling of roads in inaccessible areas and rocky terrain


Our Works

Years of experience in the subject, consistency, responsibility.

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The company TSALOUKIDIS HOMATOURGIKA, based in Chrysoupoli, Kavala, activates in the field of earthworks. The company was founded in 1970 by TSALOUKIDIS MICHAEL and in 2000 the son of SAVVAS continues with great success.
Our main activity, with years of experience in the field, is the earthworks of all types, such as soil improvements, landscaping, road construction.
Our goal is to serve the customer, to ensure the safe and proper completion of the project, with respect to the environment.